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Are You Authentic in Your Home Design?

Almost all of us are spending more time in our homes these days, and, even as stay-at-home orders are relaxed, lingering concerns about our safety keep many of us from venturing out as often as we would like.

It certainly goes without saying... that your home should make you feel comfortable and at peace.

Part of that sense of comfort comes from who you are.

So how do you decide what style or styles best match you?

Do the unornamented sleek lines of mid-century modern tempt you? How about the clean, easy-going minimalism of Scandinavian?

Or perhaps you’re more of a cool brash industrialist?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then the authenticity movement may be just what you need.

The choices we make in designing our living spaces speak to who we are as people and to the way we want people who visit our homes to see us.

The furniture we choose, the color palettes we employ, and even the dominant shape themes we use say something about how we approach the world.

Authenticity is about knowing and embracing your inner self and your family members and the ways that your home can alleviate you on a soulful level and have your home give you what you need.

Don’t feel locked in by any one trend, by styles that seem chic but that make you feel like a visitor in your own home. Take a look inside . . . both yourself and your home. And don’t be afraid to make home decorating choices that truly say “this is me, this is my family “

What does your Authenticity look like?

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