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Get in Position: Harness the Universe from Where you Sit

Working from home just might be a dream for most, especially with COVID, but it does comes with its own challenges. Mentally leaving “home mode” and entering “work mode” can be difficult if you never physically leave your house and your bed is only steps away, lol😂

So making sure your desk is in the right position is key.

Position... the word itself can have a range of meanings. As a holistic designer , my perspective takes it one step further. Besides the directional way an object is placed, it can mean one’s opinion and attitude as well as one’s ranking in a family, company, or group.

Take a look at the position of your desk as well as asking yourself if you are struggling with your own ranking, title, status, importance, or personal perspective.

Are you reaching your full potential in life? Any challenges of feeling not in control of your career and your relationships?

Just imagine you were seated at your desk at work or in your home and were looking at the wall and your back is to the door.

Clearly, you will not be able to facilitate your goals in that position because you are not seated in an authoritative position .

The desk represents career and projects, in Feng Shui. The ideal desk position should be so that you are facing the door but not in direct alignment with it.

Your back should be securely positioned against the wall and your view should be of the largest expense of the room.

If it is hard to reposition your desk, focus more on the things that you can change. Add a mirror in front of you so you can see who’s entering from behind.

Tips to Energize Your Home Office

Chi is energy. Like is attracted to like. Chi is attracted to the energy you add to your home office.


The ancient Chinese looked to nature as the source of inspiration and chi energy. Modern environmental psychology has discovered that contact with nature decreases stress and improves health. Bring nature's energy indoors.

Place a lush green plant or flowers in your office where you can easily see them from your desk.


Light is a form of energy. Many home offices are inadequately lit. Bring softly diffused light to your work surface with a table lamp with a white or off-white translucent shade. This brings light to your desktop, where you need it, and softens it to prevent eye fatigue.


Color is light made visible. There is no one best feng shui color for a home office. Move beyond corporate beige. Use color accents to boost your energy while working in your home office.


Sound is energy. Add music to your work environment. Or open a window and hear the sounds of nature.


Add objects that nourish your spirit. Add personal treasures, heirlooms, photos, mementos, tchotchkes or artwork. These are reminders of what you love and why you are working so hard and you will most likely experience a smile, a deep breath, a warmth inside--this is your own chi rising and expanding. Place these enhancements around your home office to attract chi to support you and your work life.

Feng shui is that simple❤️

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