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How To Create A Mediation Space

The key to creating a mediation space and practice is to quiet the bustle in your life, and allow yourself to set aside some time aside from life’s distractions. Finding a space that is quiet and distraction-free can help you ease into this sacred time.  When we have a peaceful space, we can come back to our very self.

It could be a simple as a corner of your workspace, a small path, even a patch of grass. If we try and make space for reflection and meditation, then know that joy and peace  are always available to us.

Take a look at your home and notice how each one of your rooms create a certain feeling. Our homes most definitely have a profound affect on how we live. So, in essence, what colors we paint our rooms, where we put our furniture and the way we go about designing our space should have intention behind it.

Creating a mediation space is not that of an abstract concept. You should be able to go to your space and touch your space, and the objects within this sacred area. You can put some crystals and stones that hold specific meaning and clarity for you, you can have some artwork that captures serenity, or use whatever helps you get to a place of peace and serenity to enable you to reflect and meditate.

Here, this should be a gentle reminder to pay attention to what you hold inside of you and all around you.

Stopping  the random progression of your thoughts is the key and first step to a mediation practice.

Here you should be able to release all your anxieties and tension to allow you to focus on the happiness that is available to you at that moment. Remember, the underpinning of happiness is mindfulness. 

Will leave you with this little poem, called a Gathas, and put it somewhere you can't help but have this  in your view when you awake.

For your Nightstand 

Waking up this morning, I smile.

Twenty four brand new hours are before me.

I vow to live fully in each moment and look at all beings with eyes of compassion.

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