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Ways to Create A Mindful Home

If we live in a space where furniture placement is thoughtfully arranged and filled with accessories, furniture and artwork that are meaningful to you, you are intuitively positioning yourself from a place of more strong-willed intention.

When you go about your everyday tasks, entertaining or relaxing it should become more fulfilling when your space is aligned with your goals that support mindful living.

Just by beginning with one simple change consistently will begin to make a tremendous impact on your life.

Here are the 7 ways you can easily carry out the way you live with more awareness poured into your space.

1. Creating a simple ritual every day in your space will easily set the tone in your surroundings. Try lighting incense every morning to help consecrate the energies, or light a candle while setting your intention for the day.

2. When you get rid of stuff in your home, set an intention along with it to make it mowre effective. For example, when taking out the garbage attach an undesirable attribute about yourself to it. Take your self doubt, excessive worry or whatever you need to shed, out to the curb and visually release it before you reenter your home.

3. We’ve all heard about surrounding yourself with “only the stuff you love, use or that bring you joy”. Can you try and take it further by carefully examining the deeper meaning of every item you are surrounding yourself with???

Of course, it can be a picture of you and your family, but what was the energy and feeling around taking that photo? Were the kids hungry and crabby and the sun blinding your eyes? Did you not want to take that photo ?

Truly take a look deeper beneath the surface to accurately assess the energetic vibration of every item in your space. 

4. Understand how to holistically address whatever issues you are experiencing by taking action combined with an intention in your space.

That is the mind, body, spirit, wellness focused formula for any space.

If you are having trouble focusing, make sure all the surfaces in your home are clear. Having counter tops, a coffee table and kitchen table clear of visual clutter, allows the mind to rest and foster clarity. Doing this with intention and lucidity will help get unclouded.

5. Never underestimate how in fact, each space can be designated for every item and every activity. It can be as simple as having a place for your keys to a space for meditation. Just by designating an object or activity to a specific area, your life will become easier. You will spend less time looking for an item and more time doing the activities you make you happy .

6.Make sure your artwork, collectibles, photographs and surrounding items are aligned with your goals and lifestyle.

For example, if you are single and want to be in relationship, are you subconsciously sabotaging that by surrounding yourself with pictures and artwork of singular people, which reinforce that theme?

Are objects, seating and a bed, all set for one?

Do you have breathing room in your closets, draws or cabinets? When you physically and metaphorically create mindful room for your desires in your life, that goal can more easily be accomplished.

7. What ever your fears are in life, its guaranteed that they will physically and symbolically show up in your space. Fear of living without? Stockpiling and hoarding. Fear of failure?

Or, the inability to make a big ticket purchase or commit to hanging artwork or painting the walls.

Fear of change reveals itself in a home that is living in the past.

It’s important to identify how your fears might be showing up and then make a plan of action to correct the issue.

Identifying your fears is a crucial step in creating a mindful space where awareness is heightened and the best can unfold.

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