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How is the energy in your home?

Our homes on many levels are an energetic mirror of ourselves. What affects us will affect the energy of our space (and vice versa).

I have been very much into my crystal work more than ever these days. Every day is different for me, especially with the pandemic as well as our upcoming wedding for my younger son and future daughter in law. And with that said, my space has become even more important to me because much more time is being spent here.

In a time when we've seen an overwhelming increase in fear, stress, uncertainty, and an outpouring of negativity, it is important for us to hold ourselves and our spaces sacred. This type of movement toward sacredcy will lead us to serenity and peace, hence , beneficial to all.

I have done several energy clearing work for some of my clients these past few weeks. It is so very important to clear the energy of our spaces as it bears a reminder, especially given that some of you may be feeling overwhelmed or tired. Trying to make it a priority (it's been my experience that this would be prudent to try especially ....when we most need to do it)

Crystal properties work in a space by imparting loving energy, soothing vibes, or some sexy creative pizzaz, not all of them have purifying energy, and most of them will need to be cleared and charged regularly.

Here’s a list of some crystals that I have used in my client’s spaces . You can place these in your space to help purify the energy.

Trust your own intuition in terms of placement and the number of crystals you might need, and except where otherwise noted, make sure you include them in your regular space clearing ritual!

Selenite: I especially like to place selenite in corners, along perimeters, and on windowsills.

Selenite doesn’t need to be cleared but you should put it out under the full moon once a month to be charged. It’s great for bedrooms, meditation spaces, and wherever else you want quiet, peaceful, harmonious vibes.

Tourmaline quartz: Great for rooms that are more active in their energy balance (like living rooms, offices, rec rooms, garages, cars).

Blue calcite: Great for bathrooms (especially if you love taking baths for relaxation), baby rooms, and meditation spaces.

Amethyst: While it technically doesn’t clear energy to the degree that the above mentioned crystals do, I find it’s ability to ward off and/or subdue negative vibes, which does make it an excellent choice for any space that sees higher traffic or levels of stress (like your car, foyer, hallways, offices, check-in desks, by the phone, etc.)

Green calcite: Perfect for kitchens as it also imparts vibrations of health, vitality, and abundance

Orange calcite or peach selenite: Clears energy and at the same time, generates feelings of emotional warmth, comfort, ease, and security.

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