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Yin and Yang: Finding Your Balance

I love this quote from I Ching “The Book Of Change” Change is the nature of the universe.

Ying and Yang are the Chinese mindset of balance and continual change. These forces divide everything in the natural world into two categories. When there one force dominating over another an imbalance will with out a doubt, happen

The female, dark colors, soft seating, dim lighting, quiet rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms represent YIN

The male, bright lighting, large spaces, bold geometric patterns, and active rooms such as a laundry,kitchen and family rooms represent YANG.

This deep theory views opposites as evolving and cycling forces that govern the natural world.. There is neither a right or wrong but there is transformation, and interaction. A duality cannot exist without both parts, which then reciprocally create a balance.

Here‘s my holistic tips to uplift your interior if it is a YIN environment.

Yin extreme spaces can feel dark, heavy, and depressed.


Try and create routines that inspire action. Instead of automatically turning on the television, reach for music and play upbeat songs that make you want to dance or sing. Tend to all repairs as soon as possible. An ongoing list of unfinished projects subconsciously diminishes your energy.


Try to increase your wattage in all bulbs throughout your house.

Use the natural lightbulbs that reveal the full spectrum of colors in their intended glory. If the outside view is pleasant, try to bring it in as much as possible by using mirrors, that reflect the outside scenery.

Position chairs to be focused near windows.

Add plenty of life forces for example pets,live plants and flowers. Invest in an air purifier that moves and cleans the stagnant air.


Use aromatherapy to tap Into the spiritual essence of each essential oil.

Choose a scent like lemon, grapefruit, Neroli, Sweet Orange or Bergamot, which has been proven in studies to uplift spirits

Here are my Holistic Tips to Decrease the YANG of a Hyper Space

Sometimes over active homes or offices have too much YANG energy and can lead to aggression, anger, and burn out.


Replace red, orange, and yellow with, tones of blues, greens, and beige. Examine the message of imagery in your surroundings. Replace fast moving images(sports cars or cheetahs etc.) with images or items that cause you to stop and reflect (water fountains pictures that inspire stillness, interesting plants and flowers


Cover all clear glass table tops with a runner or tablecloth.

Add a centerpiece that is also a conversational piece, and make sure dining chairs are not hard and sleek but are cushy and comfortable.

This leads to lingering over meals longer than you ordinarily would.

Family dinners will not seem as a rush and dinner parties will feel more engaging.

Add additional rugs to large expanses of open space.


Add heavy objects to symbolically ground the Chi, such as a statue, a large rock or a sculpture.

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